Press Release

I would once again like to announce my Candidacy for Sheriff of Adams County.

If you would ask me why I am running again I would have to say it is because I love my job and the ability it affords me to be of service to the people of Adams County.

As your Sheriff I understand that one of my main responsibilities is to protect the citizens of Adams County and to preserve their individual rights and freedoms. And to that extent I am a strong 2nd Amendment supporter and take my Oath of Office very seriously.

I have always considered myself a Sheriff for all the people and have never allowed myself to forget that it is the “People” who put me in this office.

Since I have been in office we have made a lot of great improvements, some of which include Modernizing the Office and using Best Practices.

Also instituting new programs that will help us comply with the Covid 19 issues that have arisen. Some of these include a program called “Permitium” which allows the public to fill out their “CCW” applications on line which cuts down the Face To Face time required, another program is called “Bid 4 Assets”, that allows people to attend our sales on line without having to get together in large groups and still be able bid on properties. We have also started using a system called “Cody” which is a software management system that gives us better accountability when it comes to scanning documents, property records, multimedia files, bookkeeping records, and much more. Another program we would like to use in the future is called “Lexipol” which is Law Enforcement specific and will help us keep our policy manual up to date on meeting new State and Federal Laws along with new Court Decisions. Also, with the help of Donations we would like to institute the use of Body Cameras for our Deputies which will improve accountability and our actions with the public which in today’s world can become a problem at times.

Along with these programs we will also continue our many programs in community service along with a new program we started in 2020 called “Shop with a Sheriff” where we identified (5) five needy families in the county and provided them with $200.00 cash, a Smoked Ham, Turkey, all the fixings for a great meal, and a goodie bag for the children.

These are just a few of the things our office has accomplished and if elected again I will continue to improve the Sheriff’s Office to the best of my ability. If you would like to see more of what we have done please visit my web page at www.

James W. Muller
Sheriff of Adams County