- Letters of Support-

We want to thank everyone that submitted letters to the local papers. Your kind words and support mean so much. From these letters the people of Adams County can get a very good idea of Sheriff Muller's Character, Experience and Service to our Community! Thank You!

Democrat not fooled by Mr. Reddings party switch and negative campaigning

To all of my fellow Democrats, don’t you find that odd that the opponent, a long-time Republican, who ran against Sheriff Muller in 2009 on the Republican ticket, switched political parties at the very last minute stating it was his "strategy" to be in the Fall General Election. I suppose that makes him a strategic democrat which should tell you a lot. Don’t be fooled.

Sheriff Muller has surrounded himself with knowledgeable people who can do the best job for the citizens of this county, my husband being one of them. As we all know, that is what a good manager does.

Please don’t be fooled by his opponent’s negative campaign of lies, half truths and complete distortions. Example: the Sheriff's budget has grown by $250,000 since 2009. What has happened to your personal budget since 2009 – has it increased or decreased? The Sheriff has replaced several vehicles that were breaking down and hired additional personnel to handle the increased workload – of course the budget would increase. With those additions to the Sherriff’s Office, they have brought in an additional $750,000 dollars in fees and fines in that same time period. The budget is open to the public for review.

It was stated that the Sheriff wants to take over policing in Adams County. That's nothing less than a pure fabrication. The Sheriff’s Office has a set of responsibilities and none of them overlap with the police Department – the Sheriff has enough of his own work to do without taking on additional responsibilities that are not his. Sheriff Muller has brought this agency a long way from a “good old boy network” where favors are done and deals are made. As the attached article reveals, the Adams County Sheriff’s office is a respectable and respectful agency, with a high degree of professionalism. Let’s not allow it to revert back a “good old boy” agency. Tuesday is your chance to keep it moving forward and become even more professional under the leadership of Sheriff Muller.

I know Sheriff Muller personally and he is a fair and honest man who treats everyone he encounters with respect. I am confident and proud to say that Sheriff Muller has and will continue to serve all residents of Adams County with dignity and pride. I am a Democrat and I want to see the best candidate in that office – Jim Muller. I vote for the person – not the party.

Sheila R. Supenski

Endorses Muller for sheriff

It is both a privilege and an honor for me to endorse Sheriff James Muller for Adams County Sheriff. I have known Sheriff Muller for approximately three years and have been very impressed with his dedication to the people of his county. Sheriff Muller has proven to be one of our stalwart "Constitutional Sheriffs" and in fact, attended both of our CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association) conventions in 2012. He is one of only a handful of sheriffs nationwide to attend both.

Sheiff Muller has been an active member of the CSPOA and has represented the ideals as established by our organization. He knows and understands the Constitution of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He has eamed our highest ranking and we believe America would be better off if wehad more sheriffs like Sheriff Muller. James Muller is a dedicated Public Servant and a man of honor. I wholeheartedly endorse him as Adams County Sheriff.

Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)
CSPOA Founder/Director
Fredericksburg, Texas

Retain Sheriff Muller

I was surprised at Mr. Redding's comment about the Sheriff's Office not needing to be a police department. It's already law enforcement. What does he think constitutes a Sheriff's Office? That didn't make sense to me.

But it was the Sheriff's Office being an accredited agency that caught my attention so I thought I'd check it out on my own. At first I thought it was just a matter of proper paperwork. I was wrong. It's much more involved. The PA Chiefs Association has developed some very comprehensive and stringent standards to meet; over 130 standards and sub-standards to be exact. Each constitutes a best practice in law enforcement. In addition to the creation of policies, procedures, orders and directives, agencies must submit 2 proofs for each standard to demonstrate the agency does what it says it does in following best practices.

Phase 1 is the self-assessment to ensure standards are met. That is followed by the creation of policies to comply. In Phase 2, there are two independent, on site audit by a team of assessors. A report is written, and the agency is allowed to make corrections or additions to fix anything they assessors believe doesn't meet their standards. Then a second, formal audit of the agency is conducted by an assessment team over several days. This is make-or-break for the agency. If it fails the audit, it can reapply for a third audit but this one will have to be paid for by the agency. If it fails then, accreditation will not be granted.

As you can see, it's a tough process. How tough? Well, of the more than 300 agencies in Pennsylvania have applied for accreditation, to date only 94 have achieved it. That the Sheriff's Office is one of them speaks to the level of professionalism in that agency.

As an Adams County resident, I feel confidence in the Sheriff's Office. Regardless of what Mr. Redding says, Sheriff Muller has brought his Office a long way. Although accreditation is not mandatory, it is a sign of proven professionalism. In my opinion, when you find a Sheriff who has made his office meet these standards, if you are smart, you will keep him on the job.

John Potocki,

Sheriff Muller asks for your support

In two scheduled debates, Mr. Redding has refused to debate or answer any audience questions, first with my Chief Deputy and then with me personally, yet felt free to make unsubstantiated statements denigrating the way I have run the Sheriff’s Office.

Mr. Redding stated that I have cost the tax payers “tens of thousands of dollars” from a lawsuit by a former K-9 handler. There was no law suit.

A disgruntled dog handler resigned without notice and demanded payment for overtime earned and that I give her the K-9 dog, free. I had no issue with overtime payments. She earned them. I drew the line at giving her the dog free. It was purchased through public donations and belonged to the Sheriff’s Office. She filed an “injunction” to keep it. I resisted and she was required to negotiate over the acquisition of the dog which she did. The issue was resolved. I was looking out for the interest of the public who paid for that dog and it’s a fight I’d gladly have any day.

A second employee left us on medical leave with no notice. Her employment was subsequently terminated, not by me, by the Human Resources Office. She then filed suit. I was not part of that termination and had nothing to do with any settlement. The legal costs were NOT charged to my budget.

The total legal costs to the Sheriff’s Office for both employee actions were $1,750.

Mr. Redding stated that I want to turn the Sheriff’s Office into a police force. That is just not true. I have NEVER advocated such a thing. Nor are we planning on doing so. Putting a bomb dog in service or creating a voluntary Search & Rescue Team is not creating a police department. Many of the 67 Sheriff’s Offices in PA have such units. We have more than enough to do as is. We know our job and we do it exceptionally well. We act as a force multiplier to local police agencies whenever requested.

Mr. Redding also alluded to the fact that I ran on the Democratic ticket and won so he felt he could do it also. This is nothing more than him trying to justify his changing parties by saying I did it also so there is no difference. It is important to know that unlike Mr. Redding I did not switch parties or, and I quote, “ Make a strategic move so I can go head to head with Mr. Muller in the fall”, I had the support of all the parties and did not have to switch to earn their vote. They believed in me and what I stood for.

I have brought eight years of progressive change, efficiency and professionalism to the Sheriff’s Office culminating in state-wide accreditation. Mr. Redding has brought a list of complaints, misrepresentations and distortion. He has yet to say what he’d change; other than the name over the Sheriff’s door.

I would like to say that if I am re-elected I will continue to serve the people of this county to the best of my ability. And I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 5th.

Thank You,

James Muller

Chief deputy responds

The endorsement of Sheriff Muller's opponent by retired PSP Corporal, Ivan Taylor, given the fact that he heads up the security department at the Gettysburg College where Mr. Redding's wife has been a long-time employee, was not at all surprising. Nor was it surprising to read his reiteration of the same old line about duplication of services; the same line the Sheriff's opponent uses. I wouldn't expect him to say otherwise.

But Mr. Taylor doesn't differentiate between the"duplication of services" and the augmentation of services. With15 separate law enforcement agencies serving 101,000 residents in a 511 square mile county, an additional K-9 is not a liability, it is a resource.

The Sheriff's Office understands its core duties. It performs them capably and professionally. It would appear that Mr. Taylor doesn't. He should check out our webpage (www.adamscounty.us). All of our primary duties are listed under the link About Us.He may find it informative.

What was really surprising was the dismissive way he downplayed the role of accreditation in professionalizing law enforcement. He retired from the Pennsylvania State Police, one of the largest, finest law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth. PSP is an accredited agency. Their leadership is very supportive of the accreditation process. His opinion of accreditation obviously differs from the people who lead the State Police; the agency he worked for and retired from.

Mr. Taylor wrote that there are numerous law enforcement agencies in Adams County which are not accredited and provide quality services. That may be, but according to the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC), we are not alone. Three other Adams County police agencies have enrolled in the accreditation program: Carroll Valley Borough, Conewago Township and Eastern Adams Regional. We are not in competition with any of those agencies. The Sheriff's Office was simply the first of the four enrolled agencies to achieve accreditation. If you are a good agency, accreditation can make you better. We wish them well in their efforts.

I find it rather odd that Mr. Taylor, who is employed by a college that is an accredited institution of higher learning, would think so little of the process.

Oh yes, and does anyone besides me see the irony of a man brought in from outside of Gettysburg College to lead its Security Department complaining about not promoting from within?

L. J. Supenski,
Chief Deputy

FOP Lodge endorses Muller

As a member of the Tri County FOP Lodge #76, I am writing to encourage the citizens of Adams County to Re-Elect Sheriff James Muller on Nov. 5.

Having had the opportunity to hear both candidates for Sheriff seeking the FOP Endorsement, Sheriff James Muller clearly has the knowledge, experience and leadership abilities to effectively run the Sheriff's Office with the taxpayers being a top priority and was Endorsed unanimously by the members of the FOP.

Sheriff Muller works very hard for all the people and has demonstrated this with the numerous cost saving ideas and successful programs instituted over the past 8 years as Sheriff, volunteering a significant amount of his time to the community along with his staff and being one of the few counties to receive Accreditation status.

Having 23 years Law En forcement, 16 of them working in the Sheriff's Office - 8 as the Sheriff - clearly makes him the only qualified candidate to continue the success of the Adams County Sheriff's Office, I am not a resident of Adams County and unfortunately cannot vote for Sheriff James Muller but I strongly encourage you to Re-Elect him based on his proven track record , leadership abilities and integrity.

You have a Sheriffs Office you can be very proud of.

Dawn Kell

Encourages votes for Muller

With Nov. 5 just around the corner, I would like to encourage all the voters in Adams County to get out and vote for Sheriff James Muller for re-election.

Our Sheriff's office, under the guidance of Sheriff Muller, has become one of the first fully accredited Sheriff's departments in the state, by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission. Sixty-two other counties in the state cannot make that claim. This speaks to Sheriff Muller's hardwork, dedication and service to this county.

Sheriff Muller's opponent would like us to believe that the sheriff has cased law suits to be filed against the sheriff's department, that he hasn't been able to keep a reasonable budget and that he is trying to make the sheriff's department into a police force. These statements are untrue and made with misinformation.

The choice is simple: do you want a sheriff who has made his department one of the best in the state, or do you want someone who distorts and spins facts?

Allen Egger,

Franklin sheriff supports Muller

As the Sheriff in Franklin County I am writing to endorse and ask you to Re-Elect James Muller for Sheriff of Adams County on Nov. 5.

I have had the privilege and honor of knowing Sheriff Muller for many years both on a professional and personal level as he is an active member of the PA Sheriff's Assoc.

I personally am impressed with Sheriff Muller and his ability to achieve many accomplishments in his tenure as Sheriff, specifically obtaining Accreditation Status for his Office. He is extremely dedicated to the people of his county.

The Sheriff's Office has many aspects the general public is not aware of and while they are not police departments nor are they attempting to become one, they have the required training to perform as law enforcement officers. Sheriff's Offices across the state of PA are very active in their communities and provide services for very little to no cost as they operate on a different system than the police depts.

Many of the 67 counties have K9, Search & Rescue Units, Drug Task Force Deputies, assist with DUI checkpoints, etc.

This is an extremely valuable service to the community as there can never be enough law enforcement on the street.

I can tell you having the experience and training as a Deputy Sheriff prior to being elected Sheriff is very beneficial in the operation of the Office. It gives you the knowledge of every aspect of the job and allows you to make important decisions and run the Office with efficiency along with being able to jump in and help out when needed in smaller counties. I served as a Deputy for many years prior to being elected Sheriff. There is no training for a Sheriff who comes from the outside and that seems like it would be detrimental to the Office as well as the County if you could not perform the duties or have the knowledge that your own Deputies have.

I know Sheriff Muller has the experience, knowledge and initiative to serve the people of Adams County with his leadership and integrity as well as the drive to constantly improve so I respectfully ask you to Re-Elect Sheriff James Muller for Sheriff of Adams County on Nov. 5 as he truly is a Sheriff for the people.

Dane Anthony,

Supports Muller, Jackson

I would like to express my support for both Treasurer candidate Bob Jackson and Sheriff candidate Jim Muller.

Mr. Jackson has a lifetime of financial experience to bring to our great county. His resume is very impressive. I am extremely excited to have a conservative running for this "money" position. With all the spending that's out of control in our country, it would be great to know Mr. Jackson would be there to make sure my tax dollars are being spent much more wisely.

Sheriff Muller has been a wonderful leader for our county. He not only tells people he loves being our Sheriff, people can see it. He has done a great job saving our county money in the Sheriff's department as well as keeping us safe. I know he'll continue to be a great asset to Adams County, and I support his reelection wholeheartedly!

Thank you for the opportunity to show my support for these two great men. Please vote for them Nov. 5!

Robin Wilson
East Berlin

Redding a RINO or DINO?

Is he a "RINO" or "DINO?"

Is Michael P. Redding a "RINO" (Republican In Name Only) or a "DINO" (Democrat In Name Only)? Has Mr. Redding ever professed to being a true, proud democrat? He only switched political parties approximately one week prior to filing petitions. Why? Possibly he knew that he could not win, especially after he solicited the support of all Republican officials and was turned down. Is he a "RHINO" or "DINO?" As usual, candidates with no experience resort to slander, bloviate and make erroneous claims in order to denigrate their opponent. What are his plans to enhance and better serve the residents of Adams County? The only touting that Mr. Redding is doing is his over-abundance of yard signs with the word "elect" in fine print and duplicating the sheriffs badge. Presently, he is a constable of convenience serving fewer warrants compared to those that are full-time.

Members of the Sheriff's department are able to multi-task as the demands of being a Sheriff vary from day to day and the multiple tasks and extensive paperwork must be completed on time. They need to understand the perspectives of a wide variety of people in Adams County and have the willingness to help the public. These are some of the attributes we have now under the experienced leadership of Sheriff James Muller.

Sheriff Muller has a proven track record of accomplishments, leadership abilities, truth and integrity with 18 years of experience in the Sheriffs office. Please vote in support of keeping James Muller, Sheriff for all the people in Adams County.

T.V. Meligakes,

Why she supports Sheriff Muller

I am writing in support of Re-Electing Sheriff Muller on Nov. 5.

As a Deputy Sheriff in a neighboring county and former Deputy Sheriff in Adams County, I can tell the citizens of Adams County that the Sheriff's Office is run with professional, knowledgeable and well trained staff from the Sheriff to the Deputies and has progressed in an extremely positive manner.

Sheriff Muller has worked his way up through the Office as a Deputy in every aspect of the job and has an extensive Law Enforcement background along with being a combat Marine Corp. Vietnam Veteran. He also believes in serving the people of this County by volunteering countless hours of community service to numerous events and organizations.

Sheriff Muller has saved thousands of dollars the last eight years by instituting many successful programs, increased efficiency within the Office and has become and Accredited Agency.

The Accreditation status is a major achievement because it shows the Sheriff's Office meets and/or exceeds the requirements of the PA Law Enforcement standards of operation of their policies and procedures, allows for reduced rates on insurance and reduces liability. It is a very long, enduring process which shows Sheriff Muller's dedication and concern for the taxpayers.

Deputy Sheriffs attend a 19-week Training Academy and Constable training is not recognized by the Academy, so Sheriff Muller's opponent has far less experience and education/training than the Deputies. Sheriff Muller knows the procedures and guidelines of Sheriff Sales, Service of all types of Civil Papers, License to Carry Concealed and Sell Firearms, Requirements for Extradition of inmates in and out of state, and has Vehicle Code/ Crimes Code training. His opponent offers little to no experience/background in any of these areas. He also offers no ideas, goals or visions of what he would do as Sheriff.

Sheriff Muller participates annually in the Fallen Officers Police Memorial, Wounded Warrior Ride to Gettysburg, Wreath Laying Project, and National Night Out and has done so prior to being Sheriff, which also shows his passion for the community. His opponent has never attended these events, yet claims to be military and law enforcement?

Sheriff Muller is supported by Rep. Dan Moul and Will Tallman, Senator Rich Alloway, and District Attorney Shawn Wagner. He also has the Endorsement of the Tri-County FOP Lodge #76.

I would encourage you to check all the information and vote to Re-Elect Sheriff James Muller.

Beth Muller,
York Springs

Muller doing a great job

After careful consideration of the candidates in the election for Sheriff, it is clear there is only one qualified candidate for the position, that being Sheriff James Muller.

Sheriff Muller has made promises and kept them, achieved and accomplished many things during his tenure as Sheriff and is truly dedicated to the citizens of Adams County.

He knows the duties and responsibilities of the Sherif's Office, has an extensive background in Law Enforcement.

Contrary to his opponent's claims, Sheriff Muller has not cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars in lawsuits and settlements, nor has he had failed policies and programs or duplication of services. Unfortunately, his opponent does not have any experience, training or knowledge of running any type of governmental office, does not understand a budget, and cannot comprehend what volunteer means or how to accomplish things without costing money.

It is extremely disappointing when another law enforcement officer continuously attacks and assaults the Sheriff's Office with such conviction yet offers no details, vision, ideas or goals as to why you should elect him. He cannot give you any reason why he should be the Sheriff or how he would "change" things. He cannot figure out which political party he wants to be, refuses to answer questions at a Debate and criticizes Sheriff Muller's budget yet spares no expense with his campaign - I question what he would do with our tax dollars. This shows a lack of respect and should not sit well with the citizens of Adams County.

His opponent is good at telling partial information and making it sound favorable for him because he seems to not have a record of his own accomplishments or achievements.

He runs a behind the scenes campaign, making a mockery of a family emergency and does not want you the voter to see it. He boasts support from a few of the local bars in Gettysburg and a Ret. State Trooper (who happens to be his wife's boss), yet Sheriff Muller has the Tri-County FOP Lodge Endorsement and the support of local officials, as well as his staff.

These are the facts and information that are supported by what the candidates have offered.

I would ask you to Vote to Re-Elect Sheriff Muller on Nov. 5 as he has done a great job for all the citizens of this county.

James Redding,

Muller a man of his word

As a local business women of over 35 years experience in Adams County I endorse Sheriff James Muller.

When I go to the polls to vote I look at how the candidates have conducted themselves during their political campaign. I feel that will reflect on how they will conduct their daily activities that will impact all of us in Adams County. I ask myself, have they been honest or have they painted a false picture of their opponent. I think if the Adam county residents look at what Sheriff Muller has accomplished for our county in his past terms it is clear that he has had only our best interest at heart. He is a man of morals and refuses to run a negative campaign. I have known Sheriff Muller for over 10 years personally and through business connections and he is a man of his word. The last 8 years he has been the Sheriff of Adams County he has proven that he does concentrate on the primary duties of the Office of Sheriff, he has a high degree of integrity, responsibility and accountability.

I sincerely hope when going to the polls this year you look at what Sheriff Muller has accomplished for our community.

Diane Redding,

Muller a good, honest man

Over the last few years it has been a blessing to get to know our good Adams County Sheriff Muller and his dedicated Deputies and staff.

Having seen the overwhelming amount of work they have been able to accomplish and the extensive amount of volunteer service they have been involved in has inspired me and reminded me of what small rural communities are all about. They truly have a diversity and teamwork that is unmatched and it shows by their recent accreditation by the state of PA. Out of 67 Sheriff's Offices in PA, they are only the 5th to receive this accreditation.

It has been disheartening to see the negative attacks on this highly respected group of dedicated, community focused individuals by Sheriff Muller's opponent and reminds us of the destructive nature of over- politicized negative campaigns. Personally knowing the humility and good-hearted nature of Sheriff Muller has made me even more eager to get out and vote for the guy who's kept his chin up in the middle of these negative, falsely driven accusations.

Words do not allow for all the rebuttals of these lies and manipulations, but if I were to pick a subject, it would be Leggie, the Sheriff's Bomb dog. The Sheriff's opponent says Leggie is a 'duplication of service' and not necessary because there's another drug dog in Adams County. What he apparently fails to realize is that bomb dogs and drug dogs don't cross train. I'm glad our good Sheriff Muller had the foresight to add Leggie to the team and I think she's a wonderful dog. With the added protection at the 150th and other events this year, she gave many people a better sense of security. Leggie was well worth the investment. How much of an investment? Nothing, while Sheriff Muller's opponent goes on about Leggie being a waste of taxpayer money, he fails to disclose that she was donated to the Sheriff's Department and is fully paid for and taken care of by Sheriff Muller and his wife. She has been instrumental in the safety of Adams County, other counties in PA and in the courthouse.

I write this to encourage voters to not listen to everything you hear in gossip and maybe ask the question....what's he got against Leggie? I support our good, honest Sheriff Muller and will vote for him on Nov. 5.

Chad Collie,

Redding lacks leadership experience

On Monday night, Oct. 21, at the Gettysburg College debate, Adams County Sheriff candidate Mike Redding, in his usual fashion, made some alarming comments about the Sheriff and his Office. He ridiculed the presence of a K-9 dog and other services, skills, and potential special units of the Sheriff's Office that would serve the citizens. He complained that Sheriff Muller's past and current approved budgets were higher, but didn't seem to mention the needed increases were to tackle workload, staff increases and worn out equipment.

He also blasted on the appointment of Chief Deputy L.J. Supenski, whose lifelong law enforcement experience assisted Muller to achieve his goals to professionalize the office.

Mike Redding does not have leadership experience running an agency which is exactly why he should not be the Adams County Sheriff.

I urge you to Re-elect Jim Muller.

Kevin Miller

Muller professional, innovative

As a retired law enforcement officer with 50 years of service, including 20 years as the elected Republican Sheriff of Rockland County, New York, I am pleased to write this letter of endorsement for our sheriff, Jim Muller.

I am very proud of my home here in Adams County, as well as the businesses that I own and operate, including the Lincoln Train Museum, the Gettysburg Diorama, the Ghost Lab, and Artillery Ridge Campground.

It is due to the above, that I feel very strongly that we must have a professional and innovative sheriff for our county.

The office of sheriff is the oldest law enforcement entity in the United States, and even more important, it is the only direct link that people have to their law enforcement community. The sheriff is hired and can be fired, directly by the people. He or she answers directly to the boss - you, the people.

Sheriff Muller has proven himselfto be a competent, innovative, and skilled law enforcement leader. From continued and upgraded programs for his officers, to doubling the successful warrant efforts ofhis deputies, to attaining, and now providing a bomb sniffing dog, available to all law enforcement in Adams County at no cost to the taxpayers, Sheriff Muller has exhibited those qualities so necessary to perform the duties of sheriff.

As a 55-year resident ofAdams County, Sheriff Muller knows the people, the businesses, the schools, and institutions of this growing county. Knowing and understanding your problems and concerns is half the battle. The other half is keeping Adams County and its people safe. Sheriff Muller has done just that. He never stops trying to provide additional services to his county through the use of volunteers, such as his newly created search and rescue units, and his efforts to provide a mounted unit to augment that search and rescue team. During my career, the ten foot mounted Deputy Sheriff provided a remarkable service of protection and safety to the people I served.

Because I respect his efforts and his achievements, I am proud to endorse Jim Muller for a third term as Sheriff of Adams County, Pennsylvania.

James F. Kralik
Retired Sheriff,
Rockland County, NY

Son solicits support

Since 2005, Sheriff James W. Muller has built a very respectable department through hard work and steadfast leadership. He has professionally served the electorate both efficiently and effectively. Opponents have made erroneous and unsubstantiated claims in an attempt to denigrate the efforts of Sheriff Muller and those in his department. Despite these attacks, the department continues to be highly respected, evidenced most recently by the recommendation for accreditation. Accreditation status eludes most agencies, as there are currently only 93 with such status in Pennsylvania.

This provides further evidence of Sheriff Muller's professional approach. Adams County will become the fifth accredited sheriff's office of Pennsylvania's 67 counties.

Read for yourself what Lieutenant Walters of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association had to say about it on www.electmuller.com. Sheriff Muller would love to continue to serve the citizens of Adams County. Please vote in support of my father on Nov. 5.

Matthew Muller,

Support Jim Muller for sheriff

This is an unsolicited endorsement for the re-election of James Muller as Sheriff of Adams County.

I served with Jim in 2nd Recon Battalion in the U.S. Marine Corps. Jim had been a Recon team leader with 3rd Force Recon in Vietnam before ending his tour of duty there. As a sergeant Jim exhibited unusual leadership qualities, such as leading from the front, not from the rear, and setting the example to motivate his men to follow him. He is good to his word and means what he says. Sheriff Muller embraces the ideals of the Corps which are "Honor, Courage and Commitment." He's the best candidate for the job and for Adams County. Jim deserves to be Sheriff for another term. Please re-elect James Muller for Sheriff of Adams County. I am glad to count him as one of my friends.

-Dr. M. Greg Miller, Millersville

Colleague supports Muller

The citizens of Adams County are very fortunate to be served by Sheriff Jim Muller. I have known Jim for my entire tenure as Sheriff of neighboring Frederick County, Md.

Jim is very committed to the citizens he serves and dedicated to the Office of Sheriff. He is a no-nonsense person, and his experience makes him uniquely qualified to perform the duties of the office.

Jim fully understands the role of sheriff and the fact that he not only enforces the state and local laws, but understands the constitutional role and responsibilities of the office that protects the rights of citizens. Jim and I have talked often about the protection of individual rights, in particular about your Second Amendment rights. Jim also understands and is very concerned about the continually evolving and increasing public safety threats.

Probably the thing I like best about your sheriff is the fact that he will go out of his way to help someone in whatever way he can, beyond the job. He does care about the citizens of Adams County. Jim and I are still the only two sheriffs that I know who don't spend any time on the golf course. You have a great sheriff in Jim Muller. He deserves your support and another term as the people's sheriff.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins
Frederick County, Md.

Deputy continues support

During the previous election term I ran into Mike Redding while he was placing a sign in a yard. I asked him why he was running for Sheriff. His response, "For a better retirement". I told him that wasn't a reason to run for Sheriff. I don't know if his reason changed this time or not. Redding has been given notice that his statements about the Sheriff's Office budget are not correct, yet he fails to change his tune. That's because it's the only tune he knows. He hasn't even come out publicly and stated exactly what he is going to do if elected. He only complains about what Sheriff Muller has supposedly done wrong (but really hasn't). To name a few, Sheriff Muller has endorsements from the District Attorney, State Representatives, Senator, and the Tri-County Fraternal Order of Police. These professionals know and understand what Sheriff Muller has worked hard for. They know Muller's decisions are sound and carry the least amount of liability to the County of Adams. He has changed the atmosphere in the Office. It is now efficient. It follows the highest standards of Law Enforcement set by the PA Chiefs of Police Association.

Mike Redding has no real law enforcement experience. Having previously been a Constable myself, I know that a Constable is a private contractor and files taxes in that manner each year. Constables have limited duties of arrest on warrants and service of civil papers. They are not Law Enforcement Officers.

Mike Redding has no qualifications to make, or has experience making warrantless arrests or vehicle stops. Constable training doesn't waiver into a Deputy Sheriff or Police Certification. Recently introduced, House Bill 1772 will require all future elected Sheriff's that do not have certified law enforcement certification to complete the 19 plus week Deputy Sheriff's Academy. I have been told the PA County Commissioners Association supports this bill due to liability issues regarding untrained elected Sheriff's performing Law Enforcement duties. Do you really want to put an untrained individual behind the wheel of a patrol car and rely on him to keep you safe? We need to keep a working sheriff in Office. My vote and many others like me support Jim Muller, a sworn, experienced Law Enforcement Officer to be re-elected as Sheriff. It's the only choice that makes sense.

Kevin Miller

Keep Muller in office

First, I would like to say that I am not a voter in Adams County. I live and vote in a neighboring county, but I'm a Law Enforcement Officer who works in Adams County. I call this my "adopted" county where I enjoy working and serving the public.

I support the re-election of Sheriff James Muller for Adams County Sheriff. I have seen firsthand how the Sheriff's Office has changed and become a more professional and efficient agency serving the citizens of Adams County. I keep hearing lies regarding the Sheriff and how much he has cost the county. Well, let's be truthful. The Sheriff's Office, like any other Law Enforcement agency is a service oriented agency to the communities and unfortunately with this service comes costs. Sheriff Muller, however has been very vigilant keeping the operations of the Sheriff's Office running with as little cost possible to you, the taxpayers of Adams County.

Sheriff Muller is a strong supporter of the US Marshall's Task Force where his Deputies are sworn as Special Deputy US Marshalls and work with Federal, State, and local Law Enforcement Officers on a fugitive task force that hunts and captures some of the Counties most violent offenders to help make Adams County a safer place to live, work, and visit.

I encourage all voters of Adams County to re-elect Sheriff James Muller whose proven track record has made continued progress since being elected Sheriff in 2005.

Keep him in office.
Steve Jones

Son supports sheriff

I'm writing to support Adams County Sheriff James W. Muller for re-election. Sheriff Muller has done an excellent job in our community during his past two terms.

Sheriff Muller and his entire staff have worked hard to make the Adams County Sheriff's Office one of the best in Pennsylvania.

Through many changes, upgrades and hard work, the ACSO is now to be accredited. It will become the state's 94th accredited agency to be recognized this October. The accreditation ensures that everything they are doing is in line with the best practices and standards in the state and country. Read more about the accreditation, Sheriff Muller himself and other programs created under his tenure at www.electmuller.com.

I congratulate the entire staff and Sheriff Muller on this accomplishment and ask you to vote for my father, Sheriff James Muller, on Nov. 5.

Dustin Muller,
East Berlin

Jim Muller has served Adams County as a member of the Sheriff's Department for 15 years, the last seven years as sheriff. Jim has also served as county detective and Special Deputy U.S. Marshall.

With more than 22 years of law enforcement experience, Jim is well qualified to continue to serve and protect all of the citizens of our County, including thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Over his years as sheriff, Jim has reviewed, analyzed and improved procedures related to the overall efficient and effective operation of the Sheriff's Department while keeping expenses as low as possible. His leadership skills go back to his service with the U.S. Marines as a combat sergeant during the Vietnam War. We need to continue Jim Muller's progress and quality service as Adams County Sheriff. Please take time to vote on Nov. 5 and cast your vote for Sheriff Muller.

Lester Healy,


Sheriff Muller:

I would to take this time to personally thank you and your staff of volunteers that put on the CCW firearm training class.

My wife and I decided to purchase a couple firearms a few months ago for self-defense and decided to conceal carry the firearms on some occasions. We then sought out some type of professional training. We explored many classes from PA to VA and decided to take the class offered by Adams County.

We attended the class on October 5th & 6th, 2013. The instructors and the outline of the program were more than I ever expected and far worth the cost. From there, instruction on safety, operation and firing of the firearm to the classroom instruction was outstanding. The second day included explanation of the laws by the Assistant DA and a local Defense lawyer. This was a real eye opener for all in attendance.

This class was a great example of your dedication to the residence of the community of Adams county.

Again Thank You and Your Staff for job well done.

Jeffrey Hueg
Commercial Truck and Transit
Rotary Vehicle Lifts

Muller has experience

I am writing in support of Re-Electing Adams County Sheriff James Muller

As a Deputy Sheriff in a neighboring County, I can attest to the fact that he is the only qualified candidate with the training and experience needed for this position which he has held for the last eight years.

The Sheriff's Office is not a Police Department and has many duties pertaining to the Court of Common Pleas, which includes Service of Civil Process, Transportation of Inmates, Sheriff Sales, Personal Property Sales, Court Security and Service of Bench Warrants.

In a small county, the sheriff needs to be a working sheriff, not an administrative one. Mr. Dayton has no training or experience in the facets of the Sheriff, especially in Pennsylvania. He comes from a large Police Dept. in Baltimore, Md. which has a much larger budget to operate on.

Sheriff James Muller has implemented many successful programs at no cost to the taxpayers and his extremely professional staff does an excellent job for all the people of this County on a daily basis including volunteering their time to many events. Mr. Dayton would rather raise your taxes to get the job done than put "Boots to the Ground" and get involved. His plan would require additional staffing and significant overtime wages.

Sheriff Muller has 16 years of experience working in the sheriff's Office, so for Mr. Dayton (who been a police officer his entire career) to say the sheriff is inexperienced is really disturbing coming from a fellow law enforcement officer who has no knowledge or training for this job.

I would also like to point out the Sheriff Muller has participated in the Wounded Warrior Ride, National Night Out, the Wreath Laying Ceremony and the Fallen Officers Memorial Service annually not only as the Sheriff but previously as a Deputy, because he cares about the community he lives in, but Mr. Dayton, a fellow law enforcement officer, and prior military has attended none of these events in the six years he has lived here. I think this speaks volume to where his interest lies, and the job of Sheriff will be a retirement plan for him.

So I will ask you on May 21 to Re-Elect Sheriff Muller and he will continue to work for all the people of this County.

Please write his name in if it is not on your ballot.

Beth Muller.
York Springs

Redding a fake Democrat

I support the re-election of Sheriff James Muller.

Remarkably, the sheriff's race is slowly repeating itself exactly like the last election, with one exception: Republican Mike Redding has switched to the Democratic Party to get the Democratic votes. He's no true Democrat. But if he still happens to win on the Democratic ticket, he will be back "kissing -up" to the Republican voters.

He mentioned that this was a "strategic move"; even a fourth grader could surmise that if he would have stayed on the Republican ticket, he would possibly be splitting the votes between himself and Brian Dayton, the other Republican candidate.

It's redundant, but let's take a condensed look at both Sheriff Muller's and Redding's attributes:

Sheriff Muller - more than 20 years of sheriff experience, Redding - 0 years of any experience of this caliber.

Typically, Redding can't run on his non-existent record, so he attacks his opponent with untruths, false accusations and slander.

Democrats, do your civil duty and vote in this primary, but write in James Muller's name on your ballot.

Don't be "suckered in" by a "turn coat" Republican who is just interested in obtaining your vote, only.

T.V. Meligakes,

Proud to support Muller

I am writing this letter to encourage the voters of Adams County to vote to Re-Elect Sheriff James Muller on May 21.

Sheriff Muller is the only qualified candidate on the ballot as he has 23 years of Law Enforcement Experience, 16 of them working directly in the Sheriff's Office, the last eight as your sheriff.

He has instituted successful programs and has continuously found ways to improve the office and be more efficient without costing money to the taxpayers, despite his opponents claims, who do not have any financial background.

Sheriff Muller along with his excellent staff of deputies volunteer a significant amount of time to the community throughout the year because they want to give something back to them. The other candidates have continued to run negative campaigns against Sheriff Muller due to their lack of knowledge and experience but Sheriff Muller has a proven track record, is a former combat Marine and works very hard for the people of this County and will continue to do so.

Proof of this can be found on his website www.electmuller.com, his election Facebook page and being supported by Local Representatives Dan Moul and Will Tallman, Senator Rich Alloway and District Attorney Shawn Wagner, along with being Endorsed by the Tri-County FOP Lodge #76.

I would ask that you join them in Re-Electing Sheriff James Muller and if his name is not on your ballot take the time to write him in.

James Redding

Son supports Sheriff Muller

Fellow voters of Adams County, on May 21 you will head to the polls to select from quality candidates who are vying for different posts, among them the office of Sheriff. Since 2005, Republican candidate, Sheriff James Muller has provided solid leadership.

He has built a fine record of public service and he seeks to continue his progressive approach by implementing effective and efficient programs and policies. His leadership has also provided safety, stability and respect to the department.

It is plausible that I may sound like a biased son; however, my profession allows me to interact daily with local police officers from several different departments; one need only to speak with them to reinforce the quality job the Sheriff's Department is doing.

Sheriff Muller would love to continue to provide safety to the citizens of the county in a professional, cost-effective manner. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Muller,

Urges votes for Muller

Several years ago, I ran for Adams county commissioner for the love of my county and country. I was inspired and encouraged by a great American Hero and my favorite Marine, Sheriff James Muller.

I am not a politician and neither is Jim Muller. He is a public servant. I had pleasure of working for Jim as a part-time Deputy Sheriff and during that time he earned my total respect as a professional who truly cares for people and loves to serve the citizens of Adams County. Truly, he understands Duty, Honor and Service.

As a previous business owner, a current Director of Operations for a midsized corporation in Hanover and after dedicating 20 years as a volunteer for our Adams county Emergency Services, I would like to ask you to join me in voting for and supporting a true people's public servant; Adams County's current Sheriff, James W. Muller.

David Reindollar

Deputy supports Sheriff Muller

For three terms, I have supported Jim Muller's campaign for election and re-election as Sheriff. I did this, not only because I consider him a friend I first met at the Deputy Sheriff Academy, but due to his passion to improve the Sheriff's Office from what it had been under the former Sheriff. Over the years, I watched Sheriff Muller improve the Office while finding ways to save taxpayers money at the same time.

One idea was the Prisoner Bus. Another was outsourcing long-distance prisoner transports to companies that can perform this task more economically than sending Deputies all over the country.

His opponents talk of failed programs, failed policies, and duplication of services. What programs? The motorcycle wasn't a program, it was a vehicle. Taking it out of service was a decision by a former County Commissioner, not the Sheriff. Duplication of what services? Do they mean the Sheriff and Deputies trying to give back to the citizens of Adams County by donating their personal time? When the Sheriff first took Office, there wasn't much of a policy and procedures manual in place. Today, there is a 450 page manual which conforms to the best practices of law enforcement as established by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association. The Bomb Dog? In what world is that a failure? That is a great example of a proactive program to provide safety for the Courthouse and the general public.

How about the On Call Deputy Program? The previous Sheriff had this program in place. It cost the taxpayers $200 per week. Sheriff Muller began a pilot program to determine if this program could be done more economically. After a week or two, it was determined that it could not be and so the Sheriff ended the pilot. As an effective leader, Sheriff Muller tried new ideas, limited the costs to the taxpayers, and if it doesn't meet the goals set out, goes on to something else. That's not failure, it's called innovation.

Sheriff Muller has hired a competent staff of deputies, civilians and supervisors and developed them to carry on the progress made to date.

Facts are facts. Opponents' distortions are just that, distortions. Don't let them confuse you. Keep success and experience in Office. I choose to do as many others will do by voting for James Muller as Sheriff once again.

Kevin Miller,

Sheriff has integrity

Several letters and an article have appeared in the Gettysburg Times and The Evening Sun alluding to excessive spending on a "mounted horse troop" and poorperformance in serving "more than 6,000 warrants."

Neither "fact" is true! Sheriff Muller does have a horse, (that is one horse) which is solely paid for by the sheriff (his money, not the Adams County Tax Payers!) and the vast majority of the "unserved warrants" are the responsibility of the constables. This can easily be verified by any citizen.

The sheriff is a man of integrity and has chosen to focus on the positives rather than the negative and he will not engage in dirty politics.

He has done a good job and deservers your vote.

Ivan L. Goss,

Redding Supports Muller For Sheriff!

I am asking for your support to re-elect Adams County Sheriff James Muller on May 19.

Sheriff Muller has over 19 years experience in law enforcement with 12 years experience in the sheriff’s office making him the only qualified candidate.

He has a proven track record and has made significant progress since elected in 2005.

All his accomplishments have been at no expense to the taxpayers, which is very important in these economic times. He has worked very hard to make these improvements without increasing the budget, actually bringing more money into the county through these changes.

Sheriff Muller is very involved in community projects and donates his time unselfishly to help others.

I encourage you to view his Web site at www.electmuller.com to see his achievements/experience and believe you will agree we need to re-elect Sheriff James Muller if saving taxpayers’ money is important.

If his name is not on the ballot, I ask your support by writing his name on the line next to sheriff.

I feel we need “experienced” elected officials that value our tax dollars and will not create more of a burden than we already have.

Dianne Redding

Retired law enforcement officer supports Muller

As a retired law enforcement officer and current criminal justice instructor, I wish to express my support for Sheriff James Muller in the May 19 Primary Election. Sheriff Muller has earned another term.

He has demonstrated the experience and leadership for the job while moving the Sheriff’s Office forward in his first term at little to no cost to taxpayers. He is a sure thing. Anyone else is a gamble. Why gamble?

A Marine Corps sergeant and Viet Nam combat veteran, upon discharge he worked in the building trades. He started then ran his own successful business. His criminal justice career goes back decades; the Adams County Prison, a county detective, a marshal and, finally, the Sheriff’s Office. A long-time shooter, he is the certified firearms instructor who conducts the annual firearms qualifications for all deputy sheriffs.

Working in every facet of that office for the past 13 years, he understands the actual operation of the Sheriff’s Office, which does a lot more than just serve warrants and transport prisoners.

He has made numerous improvements from downsizing the fleet, obtaining new equipment and training such as bullet resistant vests, TASER units, safety holsters which protect his deputies, court personnel and citizens alike to purchasing a bus to more economically transport prisoners. More are planned. He worked hard to improve cooperation between the Sheriff’s Office and state and local police agencies.

Sheriff Muller is very involved in his community. He and his deputies have donated much personal time, at no taxpayer cost, working on youth- oriented programs to improve safety and prevent crime. He has earned our support and should be reelected.

Carol Miller

Sheriff is a kind and caring person

I would like to give a huge thank you to Adams County Sheriff James W. Muller for taking time out of his busy schedule recently to assist me with my career development project at the York Business Institute.

His help was very much appreciated and unselfish as I am not a resident of Adams County, so there is no vote to be won.

This truly shows what a kind and caring person he is and I would like to say to the people of Adams County you have one great sheriff and he definitely should be re-elected.

Again, thank you Sheriff James Muller and I only wish I could give you my vote as you surely deserve it. There should be more elected officials like you.

Sharon Clayton

Sees Muller as best for the job

Our family wanted to write this letter in support of James Muller as Sheriff! We have known Jim for over 25 years as an employer, a friend, and a godfather to our daughter!  We knew his parents as friends also!

We want to ensure the voters of Adams County that if they are looking for a sheriff that worked his way up through the ranks, it’s Jim!   Jim got to where he is today by honesty, hard work, long hours and perseverance! The leadership traits of the Marines are still a part of his daily life! He has common sense and is easy to talk to!

Many of his projects as sheriff have come about at no cost to the county or taxpayers! How? By Jim seeking private donations and working at fundraising events! Check out the fuel efficient vehicles, “Deadbeat Dad” legislation, the K-9 unit, and prisoner transportation bus!

Take some time to research Jim’s experience and accomplishments. We think you will like what you see! Jim really is the best man for the job!  

Robert Plank

For him, Muller adds up

I’m honored to know both candidates for the sheriff of Adams County as they are both Vietnam veterans and both received various combat awards, citations, and proudly served our country. In civilian life, they both succeeded while in business as well as received numerous degrees, firearm instruction certificates, college courses, and a lot of “atta-boys” for their good deeds from their past employers. But one candidate, Sheriff Muller, is definitely way ahead of the pack and should be re-elected sheriff of Adams County because of his law enforcement experience.

Here’s how it all adds up with Sheriff Muller.

Sheriff Muller’s law enforcement experience equals constable plus corrections officer plus county detective plus deputy U.S. marshal plus deputy sheriff plus county sheriff.

Here’s how it all adds up with Mr. Redding.

Mr. Redding’s law enforcement experience equals constable plus n/a.

It is clear to me that Mr. Redding shows a lack of the most important attribute, law enforcement experience. The proof is “in the pudding.” Accolades and awards are not the only qualifications for the office of Adams County sheriff.

Tom Meligakes

Intern thankful for Muller’s help

I would like to thank the Adams County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff James Muller, in particular, for the opportunity given to me, the opportunity to work with the sheriff’s department as an intern to complete my college course. It was an exciting and beneficial learning experience.

Sheriff Muller was very helpful and taught me about the sheriff’s department and how it operates on a day-to-day basis. This showed me how much work is done behind the scenes and how much is typically unnoticed by the public.

Sheriff Muller does an exceptional job as sheriff and was a tremendous help to me in my time here. My internship with the Adams County Sheriff’s Department was an experience that I will not forget and that will help me in my future career. I am very thankful for the opportunity Sheriff Muller provided me and I am grateful for everything he taught me.

Twila Herr


Knows duties and office operations

The sheriff's office primary duties are serving the court with transporting of inmates, serving civil process papers, court security, sheriff sales, etc.

The sheriff's office is understaffed but Sheriff James Muller is getting the job done with the same amount of deputies as 10 years ago.

Sheriff Muller has made significant progress within the office at no expense to the taxpayers which is important in this economy. With 19 years of law enforcement experience, 12 years in the sheriff's office, James Muller is the only qualified candidate with full knowledge of the duties and operation of the office.

You may view his website at www.electmuller.com to reinforce his experience/accomplishments and I think you will agree we need to re-elect Sheriff James W. Muller on May 19.

If his name is not on your ballot, you can write him in the line next to Sheriff.

Beth Muller
York Springs

Notes Muller’s integrity and grit

Monday, I read a letter to the Editor, concerning Sheriff James Muller. Sharon Clayton stated in her letter, that he is a kind, caring and unselfish person. I agree.

He is also an honest, hard working, dedicated elected official. He cares not only about the well being of the people, but also about the financial burden we bear.

Sheriff Muller is a man with integrity, grit and concern. He will not make hollow promises under the ruse of obtaining votes. He states what he plans to do, and then does it. This is an admirable quality.

If you have questions about him or his accomplishments, visit his website, www.electmuller.com. It is both informative and impressive, and truly describes the man he is.

Janet Nye

Franklin Sheriff supports Muller

Upon being successfully elected in November 2007, I assumed office in early 2008. Although I served as deputy sheriff in Franklin County for 15 years, it became quickly apparent to me that the office of Sheriff has increased in responsibility and complexity. It was during this time that I had the fortunate opportunity to contact and meet your Sheriff in Adams County, James Muller.

Over the course of several months, Sheriff Muller and I met and discussed many common ideas, concerns and solutions to the various issues that occur in the day to day operations of a county sheriff’s office. I have come to know Jim as a friend and a committed and dedicated fellow county sheriff and have come to greatly value his advice and insight into this most important office.

Having had the opportunity to meet and work with your current Sheriff, I hope that the voters of Adams County consider Sheriff James Muller’s dedication and accomplishments during the time he has served as your Sheriff.

Dane M. Anthony
Franklin County Sheriff

Laud’s Muller’s Camporee help

A special thank you for Sheriff Muller.

As a father of a scout in Boy Scout Troop 110, I would personally like to thank Sheriff Muller for his assistance in making the Fall Camporee at Camp Tuckahoe a great success.

Sheriff Muller not only brought his dog and had an informative and entertaining demonstration for the scouts, he was also instrumental in getting the Hershey Bomb Squad to bring their vehicles and equipment. If it was not for Sheriff Muller, we may not have had any demonstrations, at least not ones that were as exciting and fun for the boys and their families.

I believe I speak for the many scout troops and their families that were there that day in saying that his dedication and commitment to helping this project should reflect his dedication and commitment to Adams County. I am sure he had plenty of other things that he needed to do on a Saturday afternoon; instead he spent it with us.

Again, thanks for taking the time Sheriff Muller and for making our Fall Camporee something the boys will remember for a long time.

Scott Miller

Another Redding says Vote Muller!

I am writing to express my support to re-elect Sheriff James Muller on May 19.

He is the only candidate that has the experience/knowledge and proven track record. He is definitely the most qualified. One candidate claims to be law enforcement but only as a constable which makes me question how he would run an office he knows nothing about. None of the other candidates have any plans or ideas on what they would do, but Sheriff Muller came into office four years ago with an agenda and has followed through making significant changes and saving taxpayers money.

I will vote based on experience and proven accomplishments.

I urge you to examine the experience and background of the candidates and believe you will find Sheriff James W. Muller should be re-elected as Sheriff of Adams County.

James Redding