After his military service, employment in the building trades and managing his own business, Jim Muller was again eager for public service.  In 1991, he was appointed Constable of Mt. Pleasant Township by Presiding Judge, Oscar Spicer.

That, in turn, led him to a position with the Adams County Prison System and Jim attended the Officer Corrections School in Hershey, PA.  He later took a position as a County Detective for Adams County.

Those positions gave him hands-on experience dealing with the criminal justice system, crime, criminals, prisoners and prisoner transport as well as security, among other issues. He continued attending state-mandated Constable courses given at the Harrisburg Area Community College to stay current in techniques and issues of law and law enforcement. He also attended Dickinson School of Law where he graduated from the Deputy Sheriff's Academy.

In 1998, Jim Muller started his career with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. He was placed in charge of the Warrant & Civil Process Division.  He was also appointed as a Deputy U.S. Marshal (a position he eventually stepped down from once elected as Sheriff) and the same year, voted Deputy of the Year. After eight years of service with the Sheriff’s Office, concerned about the lack of progress within the Sheriff’s Office that he had observed first hand, Jim decided that he would like to use his years of experience as a business person, a Constable, County Detective, Corrections worker and Deputy Sheriff and made the decision to run for the office. He succeeded.    

As a life-long firearms enthusiast and expert shooter, he became a state-certified Firearms Instructor.  Successfully completing both Basic and Advanced firearms training at the Pennsylvania State Police Academy, he is responsible for the firearms training of all sworn deputies as well as officers from neighboring police departments. He has also received Armor’s School training certified through Sig-Arms. As a long-time Adams County resident, a family man, a Marine Corps Viet Nam veteran, a small business owner and someone with 28 years experience in the Criminal Justice System including 23 years of service with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Jim Muller has the personal integrity, training, experience and managerial ability to continue to successfully lead the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.